Feeling Stuck? I Have a Brilliant Solution.

We’ve all been stuck before.  That’s why best-selling author and Hall of Fame Speaker Simon T. Bailey created Shift Your Brilliance®.  If you’re ready to make a shift, disrupt your current reality, and live a more Brilliant life, the Shift Your Brilliance® System was made for you.  Try it today risk free.

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7 Steps. 30 Days.

Shift Your Brilliance® is a life-changing System that gives you the tools to Harness the Power of You, Inc.  What does it take to enjoy personal success and start living a more brilliant life?  Just follow 7 simple steps over the next 30 days risk free.  If you don’t experience life-changing results, simply return the completed Workbook and Journal for a full refund.

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The Best-Selling Book

Shift Your Brilliance® is the book that has inspired people around the world.  In his Brilliant book, Simon T. Bailey gives his readers a simple, yet incredibly effective, roadmap to achieving personal success and living a Brilliant life.  Try the Shift Your Brilliance® System, and even if you return it, you can keep the best-selling book as our gift to you.

The Life-Changing System

With the Shift Your Brilliance® System, you will have the same tools that Simon has shared with the CEOs of the world’s top organizations.  With this incredible system, you will have the tools to Harness the Power of You, Inc. and live the life that you have only imagined.  Your life-changing results are guaranteed.

Your Free Bonus

This is the book that started the Brilliant Revolution.  In Release Your Brilliance® Simon T. Bailey shares 4 Steps that will transform your life and allow you to share your genius with the world.  This Four-Disc Audio Experience is the perfect introduction to Brilliance, and it is your Free Bonus with the Shift Your Brilliance® System!

Are You Ready to Improve Your Life?

If you are feeling frustrated, stuck in your career, or just burned out, this is your moment of change.  You are just 7 Steps and 30 Days away from greater personal success and a more Brilliant Life…Guaranteed!

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Olivia Buckley - Killarney, Ireland

“After reading Simon’s books, they inspired me to do my own things and to Shift!”

Catherine Hall - Los Angeles, CA

“He’s had a profound effect on my life, and I’ve known him for less than 24 hours!”

Carrie - Became Unstuck

“I was stuck in a job… that I outgrew.  After hearing Simon… I decided to move forward and start my own private practice!”

Kenny Williams - Birmingham, AL

“I’ve had the most incredible day today, spending it with Simon T. Bailey as he helped me…”

Simon’s Brilliant Clients

 The Shift Your Brilliance System Includes:

The Best-Selling Book

The Shift Your Brilliance® book.  Yours to keep!

The Audio Experience

The Two-Disc Audio Experience.

The Interactive Videos

The invaluable 2-Disc Interactive Video Experience.

The Shift Your Brilliance Workbook

The full Workbook, designed to Shift Your Brilliance.

The Shift Your Brilliance Journal

The complete Shift Your Brilliance® Journal.

Release Your Brilliance

The four-disc audio experience of Release Your Brilliance®. 









The Shift Your Brilliance® System

SYB System12

The Shift Your Brilliance® System is a revolutionary system designed to help you see the world differently, ignite a fresh vision and Harness the Power of You, Inc.  Your System will include:

  • The Best-Selling Shift Your Brilliance Book
  • The Shift Your Brilliance Audio Experience – Two Disc Set
  • The Shift Your Brilliance Workbook
  • The Shift Your Brilliance Journal
  • The Shift Your Brilliance Interactive Video – Two Disc Set
  • FREE BONUS:  The Release Your Brilliance Audio Experience – Four-Disc Set
  • ONLINE BONUS:  The Learning Burst MP3 Package
  • ONLINE BONUS:  The Share Your Brilliance Social Media Package
  • PLUS – Free Shipping, Worldwide!

Your Purchase is Protected by a 30-Day Guarantee.  Just follow 7 Steps over 30 Days.  If you do not agree that the Shift Your Brilliance System has changed your life, simply return the System with a completed Workbook and Journal, and we will issue a full refund of your purchase price.  You may keep the Shift Your Brilliance Book as our free gift to you!

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When you purchase the Shift Your Brilliance ® System, 5% of the proceeds will go to U.S. Dream Academy.

The U.S. Dream Academy, a 501(c)(3), was founded by Wintley Phipps, a minister, education activist, and bass-baritone gospel artist, to address the issue of inter-generational incarceration. This vision placed special emphasis on children who have a parent incarcerated and children falling behind in school while living in high risk neighborhoods.

As founder Wintley Phipps said, “A Child with a Dream is a Child with a Future”. Simon strongly believes all children should have a chance to fulfill their dreams regardless of their situation.

Click here to watch a special video about U.S. Dream Academy!


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